Weekly Links Recap – February 10, 2017

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I spend a lot of time on Twitter and catching up on RSS feeds during the week, reading a ton of insightful and interesting articles. What a good way to ensure that my blog stays active, but to share some the most interesting articles I’ve read during the week. I think it will be also be quite fun to take a look back to see what news was interesting at this time a year from now.

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  • Apple Overtakes Samsung As World’s Top Smartphone Vendor in Q4 2016

    Apple overtook Samsung to became the world’s largest smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter of 2016 as shipments reached 439 million units. According to independent research firm Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments grew 3 percent annually to hit a record 1.5 billion units in 2016.

  • Switch Your AirPods Connection Easily with Tooth Fairy

    It’s become no secret that I, along with countless others, am absolutely in love with my AirPods. I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks, but I’ve already built a habit of keeping them in my ears for hours on end, switching between my iPhone and Mac to catch up on podcasts, listen to music, and watch YouTube videos.

  • iPhone 8 concept shows off display covering entire front of iPhone, dynamic Home button, more [Video]

    In a new video released today, ConceptsiPhone shows off some interesting possibilities for Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, including a display that covers the entire front of the device. While reports suggest that iPhone 8 will move to an all glass design, the concept dreamed up in iPhone 8 Commercial by Thadeu Brandão shows off a design similar to iPhone 7 Plus with the addition of some other rumored features.

  • Instagram Testing Multi-Photo Albums in Version 10.7.0

    Somewhat hidden inside version 10.7.0, which is trickling out to users on Android, Instagram appears to be testing the ability to showcase multiple photos in a single post. You have probably seen this feature enabled for advertisers on your timeline, but if testing goes well, it seems that normal folk will be able to use it, too.

  • Apple Said to Work on Mac Chip That Would Lessen Intel Role

    No compatible source was found for this media. Why Apple Is Designing Chips for Future Laptops Apple Inc. is designing a new chip for future Mac laptops that would take on more of the functionality currently handled by Intel Corp. processors, according to people familiar with the matter.

  • Fire Emblem Heroes Arrives on the App Store

    Nintendo’s third iOS title, Fire Emblem Heroes, is now available on the App Store. The game, which features characters from throughout the history of the popular Fire Emblem series, is also launching on the Google Play Store today.

  • What gets Googled more?

    A frustratingly addictive game of higher or lower using Google searches. The data is based on global monthly searches in 2016.

  • Snapchat growth slowed significantly after the launch of Instagram Stories

    Snapchat seems to have hit a bit of a wall. In early 2016, Snap was unstoppable. Between the fourth quarter of 2015 and the third quarter of 2016, the service added 46 million average daily active users — pushing its total to 153 million active users per day.

  • Rock Out in a Perfectly Restored Range Rover for Just $170K

    Jaguar Land Rover has a rich heritage of building cool cars, and lately, it’s started up a new tradition of turning that patrimony into patrimoney. Three months after Jaguar relaunched the 1950s-era XKSS, its SUV-slinging sibling has started “Range Rover Reborn,” a program to revamp cars it built in the 1970s for life on today’s roads.

  • Volkswagen agrees to yet another diesel cheating settlement

    Volkswagen has agreed to pay at least $1.2 billion to compensate US owners for lying about emissions on 3.0-liter diesel vehicles. Owners of 20,000 model-year 2009-2012 cars — which can’t be fixed to meet legal standards — will be offered a buyback or trade-in and from $7,755 to $13,880 in compensation, depending on the model.