“Screen Time” For Kids »

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On the latest episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP), there is good discussion around what constitutes screen time for kids and how each of the hosts handles it with their children. Marco mentions and makes a good point that with the ever increasing amount of screens that kids are growing up around it’s hard to avoid them completely, but all three guys agree that screens are fine in moderation, but it totally depends on what is being done on those screens (video games, reading, productive work / writing, etc).

Ross is almost 7 months old and he only gets to “watch” TV / YouTube for a small amount of time once and a while, but mainly because he thoroughly enjoys Elmo (especially with Adam Sandler) and simple songs, which hopefully help him to learn some new words in the process.

There is no standards or best practices for parenting and everyone has different views on how much “screen time” their kids should or shouldn’t have. Do what you feel is best for you & your children, but don’t automatically shun others based on their views because it may be what works for them and their family.