Hockey Twitter is 🔥🔥

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I am a big hockey fan (it is probably my favorite sport) and my team of choice is the New Jersey Devils. In my opinion, the NHL has one of the best social media presences of all the major sport leagues – both the teams and the fans. Not only are the team’s official accounts very engaged with their fans on the social media platform but you’ll often find teams tweeting at other teams on game night, thanking them for trades or even having their mascots go at it on their official Twitter accounts. It is quite entertaining to watch.

For those that don’t know, Lou Lamoriello – the former Devils General Manager – was a very old school GM and had strict rules against facial hair and social media; both the players being active as well as the official team account. Ever since Lou left the organization facial hair is on the rise, but more importantly the social media team has been outstanding. They are big users of GIFs (with a hard G) and love to troll other teams, fans and beat writers.

The other night, a fan of the Buffalo Sabres decided to revisit the old joke of the Devils being a boring hockey team (har har) and the Devils official Twitter Account had some thoughts about that.

Here are some other fun examples of the Devils Twitter account & hockey Twitter in general being awesome. If you think these tweets are funny, but don’t want to follow the official accounts for all 31 NHL Teams, I made a Twitter list just for that.

Roberto Luongo on the Super Bowl

Phil Kessel on being snubbed for Team USA

The Washington Capitals on NOT being Pittsburgh

Kevin Spacey on Kevin Spacey in Space Night!

Detroit Red Wings Penalty Box Photo Bomb

P.K. Subban HAD the Best Hair!

Obviously these tweets are all in good fun, but it’s nice to see the Devils have an active and engaged social media presence for a team that was locked down for so long especially considering how active the rest of the league is on the platform.

Update – February 9, 2017 @ 10AM: Scrolling through Twitter and what do I see this morning, but an amazing exchange between the Devils & Pete Blackburn, a writer for FOX Sports.